Serdar Yildirim

software eng - juvo
software eng - thefactory
software eng - rally
software eng - relephant

project management - 2012-2013 - uc berkeley
ms cs - 2011-2012 - ege university (thesis: "Hybrid Recommender System using Social Relations and ANN")
bs cs - 2004-2009 - dokuz eylul university (thesis: "End-to-End SMS/MMS Encryption for Java Based Mobile Devices")

some projects/startups that I built: (mostly defunct now)
LeFeed, my logs, trendingg, socivid, social planner

some links:
github, blog, twitter, linkedin

RSS from the blog
Couple of Notes After Getting TechCrunched
Launched 2 New Projects in February and April
Recommender Systems, Collaborative Filtering Approach
Creating People Groups Using Genetic Algorithm
Backbone JS – Facebook News Feed Example